16v Experimental Engines

Last Updated: 22/07/2021 11:28

The ORCi Stock Rod sub-committee can confirm that four 1600cc 16v experimental engines have been given express permission to be used in forthcoming championship events.


Following on from a considerable amount of work on the experimental 16v engine, the sub-committee are content that all requirements have been met, to include the use of the mandated Omex 200 Series ECU, ORCi wiring loom, and ORCi carb adapter plate to run the 8v carburretor and manifold.


Furthermore all relevant information has been logged and recorded (to include rolling road data) for each engine to establish a bench mark from which checks can be made either before, during or after race meetings.


The use of this engine remains experimental, and will be monitored closely over the remaining months of the 2021 season.